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Sep 23 2013

Make Your Next Move Easy!

Getting organized for your next move. If your next move is around the corner or clear across country getting organized could remove much of the stress. Moving can be challenging. When standing in the middle of your home and looking around, you begin to wonder, how will you ever get everything in a box and to your new location? It can seem overwhelming. Here are a few pointers to make your next move a smooth move. Create an inventory. Know exactly what you are moving. As you go through each room of your house you may find there are things you do not want to take with you on your next move. Keep the basic necessary items separate. Put the toilet paper and toothbrush and a set of handy tools in a separate box labeled correctly so when you arrive at your new place you will know exactly where these items are. Purge and Donate. When you have decided what you are not taking on your next move, ask your friends or family if they can use any of your unwanted possessions. There are many thrifts stores that could use items to sell for a worthy cause. Donating could even be a tax write-off. Check with your financial adviser on this. Pack similar items together. When you pack be sure to plan. Pack one room at a time and label it accordingly. Limit the weight of each box, so as they are not too heavy to carry. Make sure you use enough packing for your fragile items Make a list. Moving is more than just packing. Getting organized for your next move is more than just packing efficiently. There is also making arrangements for the moving truck and turning on utilities at your new home and many other things that could slip through the cracks when you have a lot on your mind. Make a list and do not be afraid to delegate to other members of the family.I sure hope these tips make your next move smoother. If you have any further questions about moving I am available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Related articles Ten Most Forgotten Items During A Move.. At Home: Surviving a move takes planning Take the Stress Out of Moving

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