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Oct 31 2013

Improve Your Outdoor Spaces

Need Ideas To Liven Up Your Outdoor Spaces?  From Gazeobs to Koi Ponds More and more people are improving the outdoor spaces in their homes.  Mood lighting is a great way to spice up your outdoor area.  Use different color lights around the pool or near the bar. Koi ponds add a touch of life and color to your outdoor area.  When koi are cared for properly they can live up to 200 years! A gazebo is a great place to gather with friends and family.  It can become a great place to retreat to in your own backyard. A poplar option is an outdoor kitchen.  An outdoor kitchen is more elaborate than a grill and table.  Although they require more space they can also be a great place to entertain guests. If you are having a party you have to have music!  Include outdoor sound in your outdoor space and you have a party waiting to happen every weekend if you want to! If you are interested in discussing the value of your home or how you could sell your home and purchase another one email or call us!

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Sep 23 2013

Make Your Next Move Easy!

Getting organized for your next move. If your next move is around the corner or clear across country getting organized could remove much of the stress. Moving can be challenging. When standing in the middle of your home and looking around, you begin to wonder, how will you ever get everything in a box and to your new location? It can seem overwhelming. Here are a few pointers to make your next move a smooth move. Create an inventory. Know exactly what you are moving. As you go through each room of your house you may find there are things you do not want to take with you on your next move. Keep the basic necessary items separate. Put the toilet paper and toothbrush and a set of handy tools in a separate box labeled correctly so when you arrive at your new place you will know exactly where these items are. Purge and Donate. When you have decided what you are not taking on your next move, ask your friends or family if they can use any of your unwanted possessions. There are many thrifts stores that could use items to sell for a worthy cause. Donating could even be a tax write-off. Check with your financial adviser on this. Pack similar items together. When you pack be sure to plan. Pack one room at a time and label it accordingly. Limit the weight of each box, so as they are not too heavy to carry. Make sure you use enough packing for your fragile items Make a list. Moving is more than just packing. Getting organized for your next move is more than just packing efficiently. There is also making arrangements for the moving truck and turning on utilities at your new home and many other things that could slip through the cracks when you have a lot on your mind. Make a list and do not be afraid to delegate to other members of the family.I sure hope these tips make your next move smoother. If you have any further questions about moving I am available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Related articles Ten Most Forgotten Items During A Move.. At Home: Surviving a move takes planning Take the Stress Out of Moving

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Sep 15 2013

Deciding To Build Your Own Home

Buy A Used Home Or Build Your Own Home As a Medford OR home buyer, you have a choice to either build your own home or buy a house already built. One of the advantages of building your own home is that you can select your cabinets, counter tops, appliances, carpets and floor plans as they best fit your family’s needs. If you need a master bedroom on the main floor, you can have it! You can build the walk in closets so they are customized to suit your wardrobe. Your new home can reflect your style and not someone else’s. Another concern about buying a used home is that you may find yourself replacing appliances or other systems sooner than you had anticipated. With a new home under warranty you will not have to worry about that. Plus you can have the latest designs and features and have years of enjoyment without replacing them for a long time. New homes also offer a savings because they can be more energy efficient than homes even five years older. This is a huge advantage. The longer you live in your home the more you could save. Building a new home could even save you money in the long run. A great consideration if you have a family is home safety. A new home will have state-of-the-art circuit breakers. The garage doors will have infrared beams to stop when a child or bike is too close. The paint in a new home has less volatile compounds and more environmentally-friendly. Lastly a newly built home has the new home feel. A used home is someone else’s dream. Your new home could reflect your dreams. Your new home could have the newest designs, style and quality and provide you and your family with a carefree lifestyle for years to come. Related articles The Top 3 Reasons to Build Your Own Home Don’t Make These 8 Common Home Building Mistakes Families moving into homes they built themselves as part of collaborative Missoula housing program

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Jul 28 2013

What Sold For $1,000,000 in Ashland Oregon?

 Sold For $1,000,000 The highest sale that sold for $1,000,000 or more in Southern Oregon during June 2013 was 10880 Corp Ranch Road in Ashland Oregon. This amazing estate created of high quality and efficient materials and systems offering an incredible value for those discriminating buyers looking for a home of this magnitude. This 6,000-square-foot home is part of an exquisite estate nestled amidst 13.84 acres of privacy and solitude, complete with sweeping views of the Cascade and Siskiyou Mountains. Exteriors are wrapped with mahogany siding and trim, flowing Klamath River rock belly band and the roofs with concrete tiles.  Energy Saving The energy saving geothermal radiant heated floors consist of bamboo, tile and travertine. The home features high efficiency insulation plus low-voltage Vantage lighting and control systems. Gorgeous Kitchen In the kitchen you will find rare imperial blue quartz granite is used for counter tops, there are mahogany and lacewood cabinets and built-ins. Throughout the house you will find maple doors and windows. Large windows and skylights allow for natural light to pour in, not to mention mesmerizing views when looking out!  Great Room The great room was made for entertaining and comprises approximately 1,000 square feet, and features hand-worked 100-year-old fir beams forming a spoke pattern in the vaulted ceiling, plus massive skylights, top-of-the-line lighting system, gas fireplace and a wood-burning fireplace.  Master Bath The master bathroom features limestone flooring, rain forest marble dual-sink vanity top and back splash, jetted tub with rain forest marble surround and glass enclosed dual shower, toilet and bidet, and radiant heat flooring.  The Garage The detached 3-car radiant heated garage has 1,266 SF of additional living space above, including guest quarters with a full bath and an executive-style office with half-bath.  Outdoor Landscaping The landscape design includes a lagoon style pool, multiple waterfalls, jetted spa and landscaped pond.  Sold For $1,000,000 The property came on the market on August 24, 2012 for $1,790,000 and sold on June 10, 2013 for $1,450,000. Buyer used conventional financing to complete the purchase. Current year’s property taxes are $20,309.  

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May 22 2013

Medford Oregon Homeowners Insurance

When buying homeowners insurance there is much to consider. I am going to break it down in simple terms to make it easy. I understand buying a home can be overwhelming and the process can seem complicated. Home buyers usually appreciate guidance along the way. Don’t Get Caught Under Insured Make sure the amount of homeowners insurance coverage is equal to the amount needed to rebuild or refurbish your entire house in the event of fire or complete loss. Homeowners insurance companies will estimate the cost to determine the cost of replacement. Another way to estimate the cost is to have a home builder give you an estimate of the rebuilding cost. Two Types of Homeowners Insurance There are basically two types of homeowners insurance coverage. Extended replacement coverage and inflation guarantee coverage are two types of homeowners insurance. The first caps the payout you would receive from the insurance company to approximately 125% of the insured value of your home. The latter is a policy that the insured value of your home changes as the value of your home changes. Understanding your options will place you in the best situation for your particular circumstances. Liability Homeowners Insurance Many homeowners do not realize that if someone gets hurt on your property or if a tree of yours falls on your neighbor’s fence you could be liable. You can be protected with homeowners insurance. Purchase liability homeowners insurance to help take the burden of paying for damages or medical bills out of your pocket. Take Inventory To get homeowners insurance coverage on jewelry, antiques or valuable art you may have to pay extra and get an additional rider on your homeowners insurance policy. Be sure to take an accurate inventory of your possessions. This could save you a lot of time and money if you ever need to file a homeowners insurance claim.     Related articles Surviving a Tornado and Then Facing Homeowner Insurance Battles Saving on homeowners insurance Homeowners Confused About Insurance Coverage: Survey Homeowners Insurance Mega Quiz Homeowners Insurance

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