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Oct 07 2013

Halloween – Don’t Scare Away Buyers

Halloween is right around the corner. Halloween is when some homeowners decorate in anticipation for trick or treaters.  If your home is for sale, it is also a good time to reflect on your home decor, so as to make sure you are not scaring away buyers. Light the Way Using solar-powered lights not only helps buyers see their way to your front door, it can also help those Halloween trick or treaters.  Solar-powered lights are easy to use.  They soak up the sun during the day and light up your walkway at night. Make sure your porch light works.  Not only will you need a light on the porch working for those trick or treaters, but when buyers are viewing your home they are likely to do some due diligence and make sure everything works, including the front porch light. Clear the Way This may seem like common sense, but sometimes we don’t notice things when we are used to seeing them every day.  Take a step back from your front walkway.   Make sure there are no obstructions.  If you have a concrete stoop, make sure you have a chemical ice melt just in case of an early freeze. Secure Railings If you have porch railings that are wobbly, you know that it is not safe to lean on them but potential buyers or Halloween trick or treaters may not realize this.  If you cannot fix this yourself, hire a handy man to fix it.  It will make your home safer for potential buyers, Halloween trick or treaters and the rest of your family and friends all year around. Fix the Doorbell Just like the porch light a working doorbell is a quick test for potential buyers.  Halloween trick or treaters love to ring doorbells and shout, “Trick or Treat!”  If yours is broken, either hire an electrician to fix it or install a wireless doorbell in its place. These are just a few Halloween tips for home sellers. If you need more information about how to sell your home I’d love to hear from you and show you how I can help!           Related articles Spooky Yorkshire: Halloween DIY

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