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Sep 23 2013

Make Your Next Move Easy!

Getting organized for your next move. If your next move is around the corner or clear across country getting organized could remove much of the stress. Moving can be challenging. When standing in the middle of your home and looking around, you begin to wonder, how will you ever get everything in a box and to your new location? It can seem overwhelming. Here are a few pointers to make your next move a smooth move. Create an inventory. Know exactly what you are moving. As you go through each room of your house you may find there are things you do not want to take with you on your next move. Keep the basic necessary items separate. Put the toilet paper and toothbrush and a set of handy tools in a separate box labeled correctly so when you arrive at your new place you will know exactly where these items are. Purge and Donate. When you have decided what you are not taking on your next move, ask your friends or family if they can use any of your unwanted possessions. There are many thrifts stores that could use items to sell for a worthy cause. Donating could even be a tax write-off. Check with your financial adviser on this. Pack similar items together. When you pack be sure to plan. Pack one room at a time and label it accordingly. Limit the weight of each box, so as they are not too heavy to carry. Make sure you use enough packing for your fragile items Make a list. Moving is more than just packing. Getting organized for your next move is more than just packing efficiently. There is also making arrangements for the moving truck and turning on utilities at your new home and many other things that could slip through the cracks when you have a lot on your mind. Make a list and do not be afraid to delegate to other members of the family.I sure hope these tips make your next move smoother. If you have any further questions about moving I am available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Related articles Ten Most Forgotten Items During A Move.. At Home: Surviving a move takes planning Take the Stress Out of Moving

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Aug 20 2013

How To Buy The Right House

Questions to ask when you want to buy the right house. There are many choices out there.  And you want to buy the right house.  No doubt buying a home is an emotional experience. We want to feel warm and cozy about where we live. Home buyers will visit house after house waiting to “get the right feeling” about the house. Getting good vibes should help make the decision but should not overrule making a logical assessment. Price Your lender may tell you that you can afford $X but the question you have to ask yourself is “Can I afford the monthly payment?” Remember homeownership means you must make any repairs because you are the landlord. It Is advisable to set aside funds in your budget for unexpected repairs. Moving is expensive. Take into account closing costs and all moving expenseces when deciding how much you can afford. Condition Take a close look at the home before you fall in love. Get a home inspection and determine what expenses you will need to bring the home up to your expectations or standards. Size and Configuration How big is the house and how much space do you need? Is there enough closet space. Does the kitchen have enough countertop and cabinet space? Is there enough parking space in the driveway? Is there enough bathrooms for everyone to get ready in the morning? Comfort Decide if you want a one level ranch or if you are comfortable with a two story home. Do you need central heating and cooling systems? In older homes this may need to be upgraded. Style There are many types of architecture designs. From modern to Victorian, determine which style best suits you and your décor preferences. Resale Potential Most people livein a home for seven years before they move again. Keep in mind that you could get an awesome job opportunity and be transferred to another location. You would then need to sell your home. Remember to purchase a home that has a good resale potential. Purchase a home that another home buyer would also want to buy within a reasonable time frame. Features Some people do not realize that buying a home with a pool is expensive. Or how about those beautiful oak trees in the back yard. They may look great in the spring or summer but remember in the fall your back yard will be full of acorns and leaves. Beautifully landscaped homes are easy to look at but remember the maintenance of this landscaping could be time consuming and expensive. Take time to review the items listed here before writing an offer on your home. Ask yourself some serious questions and do your due diligence. Decide what you must have and what you can live without.    

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May 22 2013

Medford Oregon Homeowners Insurance

When buying homeowners insurance there is much to consider. I am going to break it down in simple terms to make it easy. I understand buying a home can be overwhelming and the process can seem complicated. Home buyers usually appreciate guidance along the way. Don’t Get Caught Under Insured Make sure the amount of homeowners insurance coverage is equal to the amount needed to rebuild or refurbish your entire house in the event of fire or complete loss. Homeowners insurance companies will estimate the cost to determine the cost of replacement. Another way to estimate the cost is to have a home builder give you an estimate of the rebuilding cost. Two Types of Homeowners Insurance There are basically two types of homeowners insurance coverage. Extended replacement coverage and inflation guarantee coverage are two types of homeowners insurance. The first caps the payout you would receive from the insurance company to approximately 125% of the insured value of your home. The latter is a policy that the insured value of your home changes as the value of your home changes. Understanding your options will place you in the best situation for your particular circumstances. Liability Homeowners Insurance Many homeowners do not realize that if someone gets hurt on your property or if a tree of yours falls on your neighbor’s fence you could be liable. You can be protected with homeowners insurance. Purchase liability homeowners insurance to help take the burden of paying for damages or medical bills out of your pocket. Take Inventory To get homeowners insurance coverage on jewelry, antiques or valuable art you may have to pay extra and get an additional rider on your homeowners insurance policy. Be sure to take an accurate inventory of your possessions. This could save you a lot of time and money if you ever need to file a homeowners insurance claim.     Related articles Surviving a Tornado and Then Facing Homeowner Insurance Battles Saving on homeowners insurance Homeowners Confused About Insurance Coverage: Survey Homeowners Insurance Mega Quiz Homeowners Insurance

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