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Oct 31 2013

Halloween Is your house haunted by bad smells and strange noises?

Happy Halloween Everyone! Be sure to stay safe and check your candy! If there is a for sale sign in front of your home or if you are thinking of putting one there then here are a few tips to make sure you are not scaring away your potential buyers. I am talking about home maintenance.  Not just the usual home maintenance but some particular important things to consider when selling your home. First open your refrigerator.  Sometimes there is food in the refrigerator that needs to be discarded.  Yes, serious buyer will open your refrigerator and if it smells bad, they will quickly close the door and find another home to tour.  Be sure to remove any thing that could be a science experiment. Squeaky door or hard to open doors is another simple fix.  Just add a little WD-40 or even cooking oil does the trick. If you are thinking of selling your home and would like a professional to help you, call or email us.   Related articles Is Your House a Haunted House? | Halloween Maintenance Halloween around the House Happy Halloween! Haunted House For Sale…

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Mar 09 2011

Introducing The Farms of Jacksonville

Introducing the final phase of  The Farms of Jacksonville–new floor plans, colors & look. These 2-story townhomes feature 2 bdrms, 2.5 baths & front porches facing a garden or tree-lined street. Fully finished/insulated garages & stamped concrete driveways. Just 1/2 mile from historic downtown Jacksonville. With prices starting at just $189,900 come see how affordable an upscale residence in Jacksonville can be. Unit 312 is an inside unit, with move-in scheduled for 03/15/2011.

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Oct 25 2010

Best “green” improvements for Sellers

What buyers look for in a “green” home. Tips for Sellers.

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Oct 01 2010

Tips for buying foreclosures

Nationally, bank-owned (REO) homes and short sales make up 24% of homes sold, at an average discount of 26% (RealtyTrac, data as of 2Q2010).  In Jackson County, those numbers are 48% and 44% respectively for the 90-day period ended August, 2010.  In your home search, chances are good that you’ll look at these “distressed” properties – you may even buy one! Although there is risk involved in purchasing a REO or short sale property, you can minimize the risk by: Working with a buyer’s agent.  Real estate agents can help you find a great deal on one of these properties, while helping you identify potential problems that could cost you later. Educating yourself about the different types of distressed properties and the process for buying a foreclosed home or short sale. Speaking of educating yourself, here is a great eBook on the topic:  Opportunity is Knocking:  Your guide to the ins and outs of finding a good deal in today’s market. [pdf thealbagroup.com/marketing/REOebook.pdf 604 770]

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Sep 16 2010

10 reasons it STILL makes sense to buy a house

Despite a recent cover story in Time Magazine, it still makes great sense to buy a house, for most of the traditional reasons, like tax advantages and growth over time. But in today’s market, there are even more compelling reasons, like the relatively low cost of housing (especially compared to say, 2006) and the historically low interest rates that are making homes affordable for those who, in 2006, thought they wold never be able to afford a home. Check out this article in the Wall Street Journal for the top 10 reason it still makes sense to buy a house.

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Apr 30 2010

Advice for budding real estate investors

Invest in real estate?  In today’s market?  Are you crazy?  Of course not!  There has never been a better time to buy.  Medford, OR is ranked #3 in the list of 10 most affordable real estate markets in the country.  If you’ve every wanted to build a real estate portfolio, there is no time to waste.  And now that the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit has expired, there is less competition in the marketplace for just the type of housing that has been snapped up by first-time buyers in the last 90-120 days.  Properties that also make great rentals, by the way! “But I wouldn’t want to live in that neighborhood,” you say.  According to this article, that’s just the type of neighborhood you should consider when making the decision to invest in rental property.

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Mar 24 2010

2010 Closings

120 Ponderosa, Jacksonville 582 Village Dr., Central Point 614 Platt St., Eagle Point 616 Archwood Drive, Eagle Point (Buyer & Seller) 737 W Fourteenth St., Medford 1129 Kelly, Medford 1254 Far West Ave., Central Point 1425 N 5th Avenue, Gold Hill 1662 Hollyhock Dr., Medford 1725 Sheldon, Medford 2101 Poplar Dr #9, Medford (Buyer & Seller) 2101 Poplar Dr #26, Medford (Buyer & Seller) 2101 Poplar Dr #47, Medford (Buyer & Seller) 2101 Poplar Dr #53, Medford (Buyer & Seller) 2101 Poplar Dr #55, Medford (Buyer & Seller) 2101 Poplar Dr #63, Medford 2101 Poplar Dr #65, Medford 2101 Poplar Dr #66, Medford 2101 Poplar Dr #68, Medford (Buyer & Seller) 2101 Poplar Dr #77, Medford (Buyer & Seller) 2398 Springbrook #1, Medford 2460 Parkwood Village Dr, Central Point 2640 Dellwood Ave., Medford 2642 Dellwood Ave., Medford 2780 Brae, Medford 3871 Fieldbrook, Medford

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Mar 03 2010

Why now is the time to list your home for sale

Everyone wants to buy a home at the bottom of the market (when prices are at their lowest), and sell at the top (when prices are at their highest).  The problem is, no one can predict when the market will be at the bottom or the top.  So the question to ask yourself is, “Am I ready to sell?” or “Am I ready to buy?” If you’re still not sure, then you might want to look at outside indicators to help you determine, at least for yourself, when is a good time to buy/sell.  Here are a couple to consider: Housing Predictor expects home prices in Medford to fall 11.8% in 2010, due to the continued unemployment in southern Oregon’s lumber/logging industry and the increasing inventory of foreclosed and distressed property. First-time home buyers are flooding the market in search of homes which, five years ago, they could not afford.  In fact, Medford was recently listed third in the list of top ten U.S. cities for real estate deals. If you’re thinking of sellling, wouldn’t it be better to have your home on the market now, rather than what is typically considered the prime market (May-June)?

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