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Sep 21 2013

How Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid?

Who Pays Real Estate Agents? Many people do not realize how real estate agents get paid. If you are a home buyer it is likely that the home owner has negotiated the real estates compensation in the listing agreement. Many home sellers do not realize that real estate commissions are negotiable. Real estate agents get paid out of the sale proceeds. The commission is added to the purchase price of the agreement. The seller has a seller’s agent and the buyers usually have their own agent. There will be an agreement between the two agents brokerages to determine how the commission will be split before you actually see the property. Real estate agents are not able to work independently. Every real estate agent works for a broker. They receive their checks directly from their broker. Brokers decide the commissions they charge for properties marketed and sold through that brokerage. The commission .is always negotiable, the national average ranges between 4 – 8 percent. The commission is split between the broker and the agent based on an agreement that has been negotiated between the broker and the agent. A seller signs a listing agreement for a specific length of time. The agreement states that the broker will receive a certain amount of commission upon the sale of the house. The buyer’s agent or sometimes called a selling agent actually procures the sale by attracting the buyer for the property. Although the commission is split between two sides of the transaction it is not always an equal split. Sometimes it is 50-50 but it could be 60-40 or 70-30. There are no set standards. If the same brokerage represents both the buyer and the seller than the brokerage will receive full commission. Are you confused yet? Here is an example. If a home is sold for $200,000 and the commission is 7% and if the commissions are split 60% for listing broker and 40% for selling broker than the listing broker will receive $8,400 and the selling broker would receive $5,600. Each of those figures would be split between the respective agents as agreed upon prior to the sale of the property. However, the commission is not paid until the home is sold. If you are interested in learning more about sell your home or buying a home I would be available to answer any of your questions. Related articles Real estate agents: The good, bad & ugly of this commission-only career How To Find A Real Estate Agent Who Has Your Best Interests At Heart A Career In Real Estate: Is It For You? (Part One)

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Sep 15 2013

Deciding To Build Your Own Home

Buy A Used Home Or Build Your Own Home As a Medford OR home buyer, you have a choice to either build your own home or buy a house already built. One of the advantages of building your own home is that you can select your cabinets, counter tops, appliances, carpets and floor plans as they best fit your family’s needs. If you need a master bedroom on the main floor, you can have it! You can build the walk in closets so they are customized to suit your wardrobe. Your new home can reflect your style and not someone else’s. Another concern about buying a used home is that you may find yourself replacing appliances or other systems sooner than you had anticipated. With a new home under warranty you will not have to worry about that. Plus you can have the latest designs and features and have years of enjoyment without replacing them for a long time. New homes also offer a savings because they can be more energy efficient than homes even five years older. This is a huge advantage. The longer you live in your home the more you could save. Building a new home could even save you money in the long run. A great consideration if you have a family is home safety. A new home will have state-of-the-art circuit breakers. The garage doors will have infrared beams to stop when a child or bike is too close. The paint in a new home has less volatile compounds and more environmentally-friendly. Lastly a newly built home has the new home feel. A used home is someone else’s dream. Your new home could reflect your dreams. Your new home could have the newest designs, style and quality and provide you and your family with a carefree lifestyle for years to come. Related articles The Top 3 Reasons to Build Your Own Home Don’t Make These 8 Common Home Building Mistakes Families moving into homes they built themselves as part of collaborative Missoula housing program

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May 18 2013

Sellers Ask “Why isn’t my home being shown?”

Why Isn’t My Home Being Shown? Medford Oregon home sellers ask “Why isn’t my home being shown?” when the home is either a) priced too high, b) needs to be de-cluttered and staged properly c) location is inconvenient or not the best or d) the home is in poor condition.  Most people who have had any experience  selling a home in Medford Oregon, already know the answer to the question. The problem may be just finding a Realtor willing to be honest with you and is not afraid to hurt your feelings. Be Honest It is not that anyone wants to hurt your feelings. It is just important to work with a realtor who is willing to be honest with you and tell you the truth, not necessarily what you want to hear.  Home sellers also have to be honest with themselves.  If you home is listed, sit down with your real estate agent an audit these conditions or review what is on the market yourself. Home Photos Market Your Property Beyond those four conditions you may also look at a few others.  For instance, lets take a look at the pictures of your property being used to market your home.  The pictures should be of high quality that exhibits your home in the best light.  Dark or blurry photos are unacceptable. Wrong Property Information Many times when I search for homes for buyers the square footage, bedroom numbers or bathroom information is not entered into the multiple listing service correctly.  Be sure to review the information listed on line about your property.  I know everyone makes a mistake every now and then. Poor Description of Your Home There is a limited number of characters which your real estate agent can use to describe your property in the Medford multiple listing service.  Using this space in the most efficient way could make the difference whether your home is shown.  Make sure THE most important features of your home are not left out of the description. Not Enough Visuals It is just natural if there are 20 homes on the market in Medford Oregon that meet a particular home buyers needs and 15 of them have 20 pictures and video tours and 5 only have one picture than they will most likely choose to see the 15 properties which they know more about instead of the five they have only seen the front outside of. Can Not Be Shown   Make sure your house key works and your home is available to be shown to potential home buyers.  I have had plenty of times where home buyers have come out of town and either the wrong house key or there is no house key in the lock box.  We move on to another property and sometimes we never make it back to that property because the home buyers found another home to buy.  This may have been the case even if we were able to get into the property but do not let this happen to you.  It is a simple solution.  Have your agent check on the listing and the  house key regularly. Solution to Your Home Sale Instead of asking “Why isn’t my home being shown?”,  just call The Alba Group when it is time to sell your home. Your home will be featured with as many photos as possible with adequate amount of verbiage and exposed on several different sites online. We make it a priority to check up on our listings regularly and follow up with every showing. Our goal is to get your home sold in the fastest amount of time, with the least amount of inconvenience to you and with the highest amount of money in your pocket. Related articles Happy Home Buyers of Medford Oregon 6 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling Choosing a Real Estate Agent….

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